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World Enviornment Day 5th June 2002

Enviornmental problems are generated due to the impact of efforts to achieve rapid economic growth and development . Poorly planned developmental projects are usually enviornmentally destructive, as often it leads to deforestation. Indeed deforestation has generated pressure on our natural resources and led to the degradation of the enviornment. But, no one can deny that trees have always been the most penetrating teachers. We revere them when they live in tribes and families in forests and grooves... They struggle and all the forces of thier lives for one thing only to fulfill themselves according to their own laws, to build up their own forms, to represent themselves. Indeed, nothing is holier, nothing is more exemplary than a beautiful strong tree.
Hence, we must raise the banner of protest against man's cruelty to Mother Nature. Haadsa is a symbol of protest and a call to all enlightened hearts to be more eco-friendly and sincere to this noble cause - SAVE THE PLANET

A film by Manjit Dada

Ceo's Speech

Ramananda Bandhopadhyay, Dr.Purabi Roy and Subhash Nandy

Justice Mukul G Mukherjee with Ramananda Bandhopadhyay

Justice Mukul G Mukherjee with Dr. Purabi Roy

World Enviornment Day 5th June 2003

Awareness Camp on water

Ceo with Svcf members

Observing Water Awareness through Badges

World Environment Day - 2004

Swami Shubhranandaji of Ramakrishna Mission,Kolkata inagurates the camp

World Environment Day 2005

Sri S N Sarkar (Addl Commissioner of Police,Kolkata.) with the CEO .

To commemorate WED 2005, the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Foundation, India organized a camp to create awareness of the need to protect the community's flora and fauna. Posters, leaflets and badges were distributed among the visitors of the camp to pass on the message of keeping the earth green.

HAADSA Screened at Nandan to observe world environment day 2005