World Aids Day 2010

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world aids day 2010

This year the World AIDS Campaign is working to promote the Light for Rights campaign. Light for Rights events are taking place on every continent this World AIDS Day!



WHAT TOUCHES ALL, MUST BE SHARED BY ALL. with this motto to bring a revolution in the attitute of the people through out the world and to generate awareness on the menace of AIDS. Our foundation along with UNAIDS has started incessant efforts for last four years on WORLD AIDS DAY.
In 2002 our foundation put first camp distributed badges and leaflets In 2003 we organised seminar with the slogan LIVE AND LET LIVE,where many dignataries participated to make our mission successful. In 2004 we conducted an awareness camp with the thematic focus on women, girls and HIV and AIDS. to help people to think anew and in cource of discussions varios awareness of solution opened up. Our main thurst this year is upon the STUDENT COMMUNITY,who are the future citizens and to add to their knowledge not only much informations and positive thinking, but also the hope_ AN AIDS FREE WORLD.
We firmly believe that prevention is better then cure and so is our all_ out efforts.
your cooperation in this endevour is highly solicited

MANJIT DADA will visit Indian states for awareness programms on HIV/AIDS and work for the upcoming project of
 CATCH  the voice of swami vivekananda cultural foundation 

The Secretary-General Message for World AIDS Day, 1 December 2010